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RV Hook UP Parts List

What you need to add a RV Park Hookup to your electrical battery system. Parts and costs. Shore Power Basic Addition Parts List $500 - $750
  1. Battery Chargers (choose one)
    TRU Charge 20 amp battery charger ~ $300
    TRU Charge 40 amp battery charger ~ $400

    BD Chargers -DC battery Charging Information

  2. Wire from batteries to charger (choose one) (lugs on wire ends included)
    6 GAUGE DC WIRE from Charger to battery bank (up to 10' connections) ~ $50
    4 GAUGE DC WIRE from Charger to battery bank (up to 25' connections) ~ $100

    BD Wires - Wires and Relevant Electronics Information

  3. BOSS Fuses (just in case)
    Fuses $19.99 each
    (buy 4 so you can: break one to see how, break one on install, and store 2)
    Fuse holder $29.99
    All five parts for $100 delivered from BD Batteries.

    BD Fuses - Fuses and Relevant Electronics Information

  4. Extension Cord
    100 foot, 12/3, construction grade extension cord $50

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