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Choosing and Setting up your Quality Battery Charger for RV Park Hook Up

Choosing a battery charger for your RV is a mix of basically two issues. Sizing the battery chargers for the batteries, and not breaking the bank at the RV park. At some point, your old battery charger wears out.
If you took care of the RV, you shouldn't toll it just because.
Choosing a new battery charger for your RV is a mix of basically two issues.

1. Understand the chemistry of your RV batteries
First, you must know the RV batteries, as these are the recipient of the charge. The timeline of the charging cycle is directly dependent on the chemistry, manufacture, and so on.
For instance:
Gel batteries, with too large a charger = burned batteries.
AGM Batteries can take 5x their capacity and charge in under 15 minutes.
Click here for more about battery chemistry and charging times.

2. With Battery Knowledge, Decide if RV Park Power Budget Matters.
Select chargers that do not take more power than you are willing to pay the RV park for. Should you only be concerned with power, and not cost, simply skip this step. However, for the rest of us, this can cost every day you are in camp. In addition, improperly selected chargers can routinely pop breakers, even creating damage. For instance, AGM batteries with too large a charger, results in repeatedly broken circuit breakers at the RV park.
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